About us

Welcome to Portolan, a new direction in travel solutions, where we are  waiting to answer all your travel related queries and provide unique experiences.

We firmly believe that travelling is not always about the destination but also about the journey; a journey to connect with one’s self, because we understand that, to travel is not to tour.

We are just different!

Come, experience travel the Portolan way, because every trip shares a different story…

What our customers think

Sudden discovery!!!! Good day, great fellow travelers,nice place and yes, a chance to forget your cell phones and laptops.
Satkahunia Traveler
Unique Experience! It was great the last time I went. Fit for any age group I believe. A day spent in solitude did a world of good. The last time they had the Baul performance and the Dance show. Hopefully they will arrange for the Theater this time.
Satkuhina Traveler
Great! IT was a wonderful trip. Looking forward to paying a visit to the place again and enjoy the rural atmosphere.
Satkahunia Traveler
IT Professional